In the beginning,

God created light, and he saw that this was good. Good to grow bonsai!

Hello all,

In the beginning, for me at least, was a very interesting time. No, I wasn’t around (in the beginning of time) rather the beginning of my bonsai learning. I have scoured the internet, read books, watched video, and asked lots of questions since I started. One thing I have found is that know one is documenting their start in bonsai. I believe there is a lot to learn from mistakes, and believe me I have made my share.

I want to begin to document my journey to learn bonsai. Although I started last year (spring 2013) and have a little catching up to do, I want to document and, discuss with you all, the trials and errors as well as success’s of the beginning.

I started bonsai in the spring of 2013. I’m not quite sure what tipped me over to giving it a shot, but I had always thought that the trees I had seen were so awesome. Growing up in Colorado has helped a lot. I lived in the mountains for several years and have always spent time there. Fishing and hunting has always put me among trees. Finding trees that looked odd, or had twisted trunks and shapes made me wonder how they got that way. If a tree had been in one place for lets say, 100 years, was twisted and distorted, still alive and thriving; can you imagine the story it could tell?

I have several trees that I have brought home from the nursery and, a few that I have started collecting from the mountains of Colorado. Follow along, comment, give advice and I hope you enjoy the pictures and stories.

 God Bless!

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