Collected Juniper

Boy do I have a funny storry to tell- So I was sent a craigslist add regaeding an old juniper that was free if you dig it up. Hmmm, ok, I responded to the add and was told someone was already interested. A few days later I received an email stating the tree was mine if I wanted because the other folks never came. The owners were going to cut it down if I didn’t come. Ok, now I feel like it was my duty as a bonsai student to try to save this tree. I asked them how big it was and how old they thought it was. They told me the tree had been there (they thought) since 1959. Oh, yea, and it was about 4′ tall.
Large collected juniperI arrived at the home only to find a 6′ tree. Hmm, ok, well the tree has charector and I may be able to shorten it by cutting away the deadwood and curling the live vein down. So I dug, and dug, and wiggled, and dug, and yep you guessed it dug some more. The tree was much bigger than expeted for sure. At this point I was dead tired. I brought the tree home and sawed off what dead roots there were. I realy hope this juniper lives! Not many roots left as you can tell from the pot. POP CAN NORMAL SIZE!
I brought the tree home and the box I had pre built wasnt even close. There were very few roots on this juniper. It was mostly a giant nub on the bottom with a few roots. All I could put it in was this pot. The pot is actually rather large however, it is dwarfed by the size of the tree. Since there are very few roots it should be fine for now. I planted the tree in 100% pumice. I folier feed this tree along with all of my other trees. This is something I learned from Jerry Morris.
Large Jumiper pushing growth Fortunatley the large juniper I just collected is pushing new growth. This is a good sign. I am not in the clear by any means but at least the juniper is moving forward.
Here are a few more pictures-
Yamadori Juniper IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0318

2 thoughts on “Collected Juniper”

  1. I updated my blog with more pictures of the juniper and soil. I have not figured out how to post pictures on this reply.

    It’s funny that you commented on my blog. I have been working on building bonsai display tables and have been refering to some of the old posts that you have made. You have obviously been doing this for a while. Thank you for sharing, your posts have been very helpful!


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