Chinese Elm

Last year my wonderful wife and kids bought me a training session with local Master Hal Sasaki for fathers day.

Chinese Elm upright

During the class we were given a choice between a tiger bark ficus or a Chinese elm. I didn’t care I was just happy to be surrounded by trees and an instructor to guide me. I ended up with a Chinese elm as was happy to have it.

During the class we went through watering, feeding and re potting. We also discussed angles. Angles are important because you can change the appearance of a tree completely by changing the way it is potted. You also want to stay away from creating right angles or flat lines. Of course this is just a suggestion and your tree is supposed to be whatever you want it to be!

We had a good time in the class re potting at different angles, pruning and re potting.

During the winter I kept this tree in the green house. Allowing it to get as cold as 35 degrees f. It did take some time but eventualy it did lost its leaves and went into dormancy. I was excited in the spring to see that it was pushing buds. Then before you know it exploded with new growth.

I was so happy to work on this tree but now I am thinking about doing something else with it. I don’t care much for the S shape that is given to so many of these trees. I think I will try to pot it into a semi cascade. Hey, if it doesnt work I can always change it back. Besides this is what this blog and bonsai is about, trial and error.

Yep, I did it. Semi cascade. It doesn’t look very impressive but I hope after a year of growing I can begin to form the pads downward.

Well see how it turns out throughout the summer.

  Chinese elm cascade


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