Procumbens Nana Juniper

I am sure you have all seen the videos. Pick up a nursery stock tree and poof, instant bonsai. It’s harder than the professionals make it look, at least for me it is.

After watching several of the pro’s do it I figured I would give it yet another try. I ran out to the local nursery and purchaced 2 Procumbens nanas.

Procumbens nana Procumbens nana


I am going to plant one of these in the garden to grow and thicken up. I want to make a semi- cascade or a full cascade with the planted one. I will allow it to grow a season or two in the ground. Once it is vigorus I will begin to style it leaving it in the ground to recover and thicken quicker.

Procumbens nana

With the second one I have pruned wired and shaped it. After a few months I did go ahead and repot it. I may have pushed it a bit to far however, only time will tell.

Wired and pruned-

Procumbens nana I am excited to watch these grow. I will update throughout the summer.

I have been told  be several people the best way to practice is to buy several junipers and practice several different techniques. Then, set them aside and let em grow. Watch how they grow, learn from your mistakes. Next season or in a few years your tree will be ready again. The way they recover may surprise you and you may have some great material.

7-1-2014 Procumbins Nana update

It’s been a rocky road with these two. The one I planted in the garden to grow down the wall was going to be slowly styled as it sat. I began to notice a decline in the junipers health. It was browning and the growing tips turned pail. We have only been in our new home for a short time and I had no idea that the sprinkler system was blasting it every morning. I dug up the juniper and placed it in a large pot with well draining soil. This went into mostly shade for a week. I held my breath, the tree had now been transplanted twice and almost drowned to death.

Procumbens nanaBefore the drowning.


IMG_0882Placed in partial shade.

IMG_0884 IMG_0883

After a few weeks I am moving the juniper back into the sun. I looks bad I know, but if you look close there are several growing tips again. I will continue to monitor and make sure this patient has a full recovery.

The other Procumbens I decided to style right away. If you remember how this post started I was supposed to take nursery stock trees and try to do like the pros, ya know, poof instant bonsai…

Thats why they are the pro’s. So, back to the one I styled…

It turned out, ok… IMG_0252

Now to see where it “grows” from here. Dadunt tshh. Well that was May and come July most of the branching died. What happened? I styled and repotted all at the same time. I know, I know, 1 insult per year. Hey, let me make these mistakes and post them so you don’t have to. 🙂 Now, with this slight setback lets see where we are with this guy in July.

IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0887It’s recovering nicely. I’ll let it grow out this year and do some deadwood work in the winter. Nature has decided that this is what I will work with.

Both of these junipers were tested with my ignorance. Both will survive and both will be become a good learning situation. So much for poof. 🙂



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