Ponderosa Yamadori.

Collected in April, 2014.

I was driving down the road minding my own business when I saw this amazing  ponderosa sticking out of a crack in the rock. This was picture perfect!

Imagine what it took for this tree to grow here…

Ponderosa Pine

The only tool I ended up using for this tree was a flat head screwdriver. I cleared the dirt away from the cracks and found 2 main roots, one heading up the vertical crack and one headed straight down. The root headed upward was loose enough in the crack for me to wiggle it up and out of the crack. The lower root wouldn’t give up. I kept clearing dirt and wiggling. Before long the tree was free.

I wrapped the roots in burlap and soaked everything down.

When I got home I didn’t have anything to accommodate this tree. The entire tree is horizontal and will definitely need some sort of a crescent pot someday. I whipped up an idea and began to construct a box. The box allowed me to keep the tree in it’s natural position.

Custom box I would insurt the roots into the oval hole, then I could fill dirt under and around the root structure.

IMG_0181 Once this was done I placed a piece of wood accross the the trunk and nailed it into place. That way it would hold the tree from bobbing around and from falling forward out of the hole. I also put a piece of wood over the hole and closed the hole off with screen material. Filled the rest of the box with pumice.

IMG_0352 I covered the top with a piece of plywood. The tree is doing well and I am looking forward to seeing it’s progress.



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