Last year the Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society provided a workshop for beginners. This was a good chance for me to get hands on experience from the experienced. There was a table of pre potted paracanthia for us to choose from. I happily grabed a tree with good shape and a decent trunk.

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick Allen (President of RMBS at the time) and Walter Buck (2011 RMBS Artist-of-the-Year not to mention one of his trees in Best of BCI 50TH Anniversary Photo Album0 from the Society. With all this brass in the room I was sure to learn a thing or two.

We began snipping and wiring and had a great time. Walter and Patrick were very helpful!

IMG_0266 Unfortunatly, I do not have a picture of it last year after it was finished but this picture is from this spring as it was leafing out.

I am a little concerned however, I have not had one single flower shoot on this tree yet. I am going to test the soil to make sure the is a good ballance of nutrients. This could be one of several reasons for no flowers. We had also had a severe freeze during the winter and my greenhouse heater couldn’t keep up. I will continue to update this post as we progress through the year.


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