In The Field


I have visited our land several times but because there is nothing there yet I had not done much exploring. Now that we have the culvert put in and have been camping I have begun to walk the grounds. The altitude is around 10600′ and there are several Bristlecone pines. I have also noticed that there are several Aspen trees in the area that are growing in a strange way. Instead of growing straight up the trunk seems to bend and twist in some of the same ways the Bristlecone are. I believe it may be because of the wind in the area. AspenThis isn’t the best example but it shows an Aspen and Bristlecone in the background.

As I walked deeper into the forest I found some really cool Engelmann Spruce.

IMG_0424 IMG_0423 IMG_0421 IMG_0425 IMG_0426 IMG_0445 I was able to bring 2 of them home. Both were growing side by side in a mass of needles and rotted out wood. They may have been branches that took root from a fallen tree some years ago. Such awesome trees! IMG_0446





I often find myself confused with “the rules” of bonsai.

I know that there are a set of standards that are good to follow and sometimes rules should be broken. I think the part that is most puzzling is when people say things like branches growing straight up, straight down, or crossing branches must be remove because they do not imitate what happens in nature. When I hear this I have to wonder how much time these people spend in nature…Seriously, in nature there are no rules! So often when we see the bonsai rules of man broken by none other than Mother Nature herself, we see some amazing things.

Ok, now that I have said that let me back peddle a bit. I know the rules are set in place to create mans version of “the flawless tree”, ok, well then, let’s say just that, and leave mother nature out of it.

IMG_0733 IMG_0734                                         Sometimes the best way to admire a tree is from underneath.


IMG_0726 IMG_0727

Years of nebari cut back so not to intude on the sidewalk.
Years of nebari cut back so not to intude on the sidewalk.



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