Eight foot tall ficus trunk chop. How low can you go?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

This, my friends……is day three.
It was like seeing the tree from Gondor, of old.
Majestic, ancient, noble.
An eight foot tall bonsai.
It’s name is Bigfoot.
How do you do, Bigfoot sir?
The tree is a ficus microcarpa (some still call it the old name, ficus retusa, or the common name is tiger bark).
I was called in by my friend Darlene, who is this trees caretaker, to help lower it so it could fit through the door.
At eight feet tall it wouldn’t fit anymore.
The tree was suffering from lack of sunshine and fresh, outside air.
It was seriously dropping leaves.
You’re thinking, it’s in a giant window, that isn’t enough light for a ficus?
No, no tree is a houseplant.
This one even had some supplemental, high power lights.
It was just not enough.
Why does lack of light cause a tree to drop its leaves?

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