Juniper update 8-21-2014

Hello bonsai enthusiasts,

I hadn’t posted in a while. Several things are keeping me away. From kids baseball to work.

Sometimes I wonder if I could just work in the yard all day if I would appreciate it as much as I do now. The frustrations of life is why I escape to my hobbie. šŸ™‚ Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep, lol.

Here is a juniper I picked up this spring. Just your average carpet buffalo creeper. I made several mistakes with this guy. First, I think I may have trimmed off to much foliage.

Second, after trimming and wiring I removed it from the pot, trimmed a few large roots and placed it into this colander.

After trimming and wiring I should have let it rest! Because I over stressed the tree, I lost a lot of foliage and branches. I will say, I am probably lucky that this tree recovered. I am happy that I was able to nurse it back to health however, I had to just let the tree respond to the overworking. I believeĀ that once the pads fill in it will begin to look much better.



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