Summer boredom


So with the lack of education this summer my boys almost constantly complained they were bored. Hmmm, they complain when their in school and they complain when their not; yep, I remember those days.
Finally I decided I would get them started on a project. I went down to the local pottery store, picked up some clay, a few tools and ran home to educate myself on YouTube.

Allowing the kids to make pots would serve to purposes, (I’d hoped). We could learn to make bonsai pots and they would stay busy and I could get some real work done. Right?

Well, it worked! For two days anyway. The boys actually worked very hard and, had fun too. After I got off I joined them. We made several pots and with help from a local pottery we were able to bisque fire them, glaze and cone fire. Keep in mind the only experience the boys and I have were the ashtrays, wait, I made an ashtray in school however, these days the boys made bowls. Ashtrays are no longer socially acceptable. Lol
Anyway, below is a picture of the results. Nothing to impressive but I will certainly put trees and accents in these pots. I think I may even try again. Hope you enjoy.

We have a few more pots that are waiting to be bisque fired. If you or your children are board during the winter months, pacing the house waiting for the first signs of spring. You may want to give this a try. It’s very inexpensive for the basics. However, I’ll leave the professional stuff to the professionals.




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