Sept RMBS Workshop


Spent a wonderful morning at Allen Hills home for the RMBS Sept workshop. He has so many impressive bonsai along with a lot of stock planted for the future.


Love this ponderosa-

IMG_1090[1] IMG_1089

However, my job for the day, my little shimpaku.


I want to reduce the hight of this bad boy by splitting the top of the trunk at the Y towards the top. Then, bring all of the foliage in and, reduce the foliage for a fresh start in spring. It was nice to have Will Kerns come by to discuss my process with me. I knew what I wanted to do but his words of wisdome gave me the confidence.

Thanks Will!

Much of the branches have a lot more character. The Y in the trunk has been split and bent over. A new apex has been created off to the right and will probably be worked over to the left in the future. The bottom right branch that comes left is actually a second trunk. It will either get jined, removed or worked in in the future. Once the rafia is removed from the split section of the trunk, I should have some deadwood to work with on this young shimpaku adding a little more age appearence to it. For now, it’s R&R for this guy. more work to be done in the future.


Please leave feedback. I would like to hear ideas. Thanks


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