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Sept RMBS Workshop


Spent a wonderful morning at Allen Hills home for the RMBS Sept workshop. He has so many impressive bonsai along with a lot of stock planted for the future.


Love this ponderosa-

IMG_1090[1] IMG_1089

However, my job for the day, my little shimpaku.


I want to reduce the hight of this bad boy by splitting the top of the trunk at the Y towards the top. Then, bring all of the foliage in and, reduce the foliage for a fresh start in spring. It was nice to have Will Kerns come by to discuss my process with me. I knew what I wanted to do but his words of wisdome gave me the confidence.

Thanks Will!

Much of the branches have a lot more character. The Y in the trunk has been split and bent over. A new apex has been created off to the right and will probably be worked over to the left in the future. The bottom right branch that comes left is actually a second trunk. It will either get jined, removed or worked in in the future. Once the rafia is removed from the split section of the trunk, I should have some deadwood to work with on this young shimpaku adding a little more age appearence to it. For now, it’s R&R for this guy. more work to be done in the future.


Please leave feedback. I would like to hear ideas. Thanks

$10 juniper

My wife and I were strolling through the local garden center early this summer. I came across this upright juniper wedged between all of the summer stock. Starving for a ray of sunlight, and looking pretty shabby, I asked if I could get a discount. $10 bucks was the price and I gladly accepted.

I removed all dead, yellow and dying branches from the tree and wired all of the primary branches.


I also cut down the pot about an inch and raked away all of the old top soil. And created a dead tip on the top of the main trunk. The second trunk will be pulled over to creat some movement and to allow the viewer to see the outline in the background.

This last weekend I finished wiring secondary branching, created a bit of Jin that will be extended later. I also removed a bit more of the old top soil and used a chopstick to aerate the soil. The second smaller trunk was also cut shorter than primary trunk.



Special thanks to Michael Hegedorn

Juniper update 8-21-2014

Hello bonsai enthusiasts,

I hadn’t posted in a while. Several things are keeping me away. From kids baseball to work.

Sometimes I wonder if I could just work in the yard all day if I would appreciate it as much as I do now. The frustrations of life is why I escape to my hobbie. ­čÖé Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep, lol.

Here is a juniper I picked up this spring. Just your average carpet buffalo creeper. I made several mistakes with this guy. First, I think I may have trimmed off to much foliage.

Second, after trimming and wiring I removed it from the pot, trimmed a few large roots and placed it into this colander.

After trimming and wiring I should have let it rest! Because I over stressed the tree, I lost a lot of foliage and branches. I will say, I am probably lucky that this tree recovered. I am happy that I was able to nurse it back to health however, I had to just let the tree respond to the overworking. I believe that once the pads fill in it will begin to look much better.