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Busy, busy, busy


Hello Bonsai freaks, geeks and, whatever.

June has been crazy busy and I’m sure it has for you too. I have several things I am very excited about so I’m just going to spew it all out right here in one giant post. 🙂

First on the agenda is this pretty cool fig tree. I won this in the June raffle at the club. It’s a mistle toe fig. It’s funny, some times I don’t even know what I’m raffling for but I see something or like the look. I did a little bit of wiring to pull some foliage in a bit. We’ll see how it goes.

Mistle Toe fig Mistle Toe fig

WE 3 TREES 6-30-2014

Next on the agenda is Japanese black pine along with lessons learned. If you’ve ever seen Bill Dance on TV he’s a fishing guy that’s always bumping his head, shins or falling out of the boat. Kind of a goofy guy. That’s me too! If something is going to get goofed up, I probably had something to do with it. Anyway, I wanted to start growing a few different pines. I ordered a Japanese Black and white pine along with a Scots pine. Going to love them and squeeze them and call them George. (Never mind) Anyway, I did my homework and found a good deal online. I am very much the guy that wants to see and touch what I buy however, I was so excited, I pulled the trigger. When they arrived they were very healthy. As I examined each one the white pine and Scots pine looked great. Low grafts, tight foliage etc…


As I got to the Black pine,, ah,, yeah… Black pine bad graftWhat is that?

WOWZA! So anyway, I called the nursery and they said if I wanted a low graft I should have asked for one. WELL DUH!! Geez, I know I could have argued it into a different tree however, I saw an opportunity to practice some branch grafting and to see how this thing grows out, not to mention my business will go elsewhere. I mean, we can’t always have perfect trees so, if I can work this into something than it will be a good experience. Right? LOL, Ok, so the lesson here is if you have to purchase from a nursery that is NOT local buy from a nursery that comes recommended. Get on blog sites and ask around, also, make sure you make a phone call to the nursery and explain exactly what you are looking for and what you’re going to use it for.

A few days later I decided to run down to the 1 local bonsai nursery we have here in Colorado. Don’t get me wrong, there are several folks around that have excellent yamadori however, I am sorta the type of guy that needs to either collect it myself or, I will grow it into something that I appreciate. That being said, I have purchased a few trees from this place. As I walked around nothing jumped out at me. Really I was looking for a JBP. Mostly to compare the graft and price to the monster I purchased. Nothing; I decided to leave when there it was! (Angels sang, AHHH AHHHHH) A JBP in all it’s glory. The last one!

IMG_0873The graft is low, the needles are perfect, the trunk has nice taper with a slight slant. The price was $10 more than the one I purchased online and ya know, to be able to see it, touch it, smell it, I’ll gladly pay the extra. Now I have 2 JBP to work on.

Another exciting post to follow soon. I found a few more treats at a local nursery over the weekend that I have plans for.